your health and
financial future

You can now choose the health insurance plan that offers the best services
at the greatest value for you or find out if you qualify for Medi-Cal.

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Bridge to Affordable
Health Care Coverage

Insured California was registered and certified to provide in-person assistance
to consumers and help them apply for Covered California health plans.

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community organization
working for your benefit

We help individuals and families of California to acquire affordable
and quality health plans through Affordable Care Act.

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Insured California is your free guide
to affordable and quality health plans available at Covered California


What We Offer

in-person counseling

You can get free help in-person from our Certified Enrollment Counselors anytime. All you have to do is just to request in-person assistance.

enrollment assistance

We help our members enroll into affordable and quality health plans available through the state marketplace for health insurance.

constant follow-up

Our free service and assistance is not limited to enrollments. We constantly take care of the health insurance coverage of our population.

Why Choose Us

Insured California is certified by Covered California™, the state marketplace for health insurance coverage mandated by Affordable Care Act, to provide one-on-one consumer assistance.

Counselors of Insured California are certified by Covered California™ pursuant to Section 6654, Title 10, of the California Code of Regulations to provide face-to-face consumer assistance.

Certified Enrollment Counselors of Insured California speak English, Russian, and Turkish to provide assistance in culturally and linguistic appropriate manners to consumers throughout California.

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